Ties van Asseldonk


About My Work

In many of his works, Ties van Asseldonk plays with the relationship between the digital and the physical, exploring the often surprising effect of taking elements from either digital or physical media, and putting them in the context of the other. Projects like his Digital Diorama series, where he takes the physical art of diorama making and translates that to a web page, or the Ever Changing Orchestra, where he and Robbert Schneiders built physical audio filters to distort a digital sound wave, are good examples of this transference.

More recently his work has shifted towards investigating why he finds this combination of the digital and the physical is so fascinating. Now Ties mostly focus on exploring the often unseen conflict that he believes exists between digital systems and the analog/physical world we live in. The digital is a rigid system built on order, so whenever it has to store or predict anything from the physical/analog world outside of the computer, it is unable to properly deal with the inherent chaos of that world. Ties believes that understanding this hidden conflict is vital to understanding how we should think about and use our digital systems.

Contact: [hello@tiesvanasseldonk.nl]

KvK: 78626781

BTW-Id: NL003354881B13



Co-developed online interactive exhibition platform for [Upstream Gallery] (Amsterdam, NL)
May 2020

Helped develop robot units for [Noostopia] (Berlin/Bielefeld, DE)
January 2020

Sold work at [Internet Yami-Ichi] (Utrecht, NL)
November 2018

Showed work at [TodaysArt], [Diegetic Interface Exhibition] (The Hague, NL)
September 2018

Showed work at [InScience International Science Film Festival] (Nijmegen, NL)
November 2017

Showed work at [Internet Yami-Ichi] (Brussels, BE)
September 2017



Bachelor of Arts, Interaction Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts (Arnhem, NL)
2016 - 2020



[How Computers (Fail To) See]
[Escaping Uncanny Valley]
[Exploring Subconscious Ordering And Pattern Creation Inherent To The Human Mind As Compared To Computer Vision Systems]
[Digital Diorama]
[Ever Changing Orchestra]
[My YouTube Algorithm]
[Stock Photo Frames]
[Bus Passenger Simulator]
[Loading Time]
[The Wave]
[Deep Map]